Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas
and Happy New Year

Is it me or is time flying by. Seems like yesterday we were planning our year out and now we have completed another one and we would like to thank you for your partnership. Because of you many were saved, healed, free from demon oppression and stepped into the Great Exchange of who they are!

This year took us to Uganda with River of Hope. We held a pastors and children’s conference in Mohorro Uganda, which is in the northwest part of the country. Pastor Vincent and his pastors made us feel right at home and allowed us to pour into them and the children. We were especially excited to watch the young men and women minister to the youth, it was a great success!

Next we partnered with Gary and Jane Ann Casey, Gateway missions, Doug and Lisa Barber Loving People Enough Ministry, Tab Daniel, and Danny and Lea Cay Farr to Transnistria to help train pastors to do The Encounter the Cross. We have testimony at the end and my people were set free and healed. We were also blessed to preach in local churches and were able to see 25 people get saved and more set free. Pastor Yuri has a great work going on and Holy Spirit is moving.

Church on the Rock Trip, Jennifer and I , Gary and Jane Ann Casey, Paul and Lavila Henry, Janie Gomez, and Tom Dutton. We were able to preach in local churches and see Holy Spirit move in miracles, signs and wonders. One of the pastors received instant healing of deafness in her left ear; another man at the same meeting was in intense pain and was using a walker. God touched him, he set his walker to the side and ran 2 miles totally pain free. We had a great time and started new relationships with several new pastor and churches

Our last trip was to Colombia.  When we go to Colombia, we are going home and Pastor Leo and Maria Grisales always make us welcome. Gary Casey, Randy Voight, Ed Ainsworth, and myself held a pastors 2 day conference. We have really grown to love these men and women in Medellin. We expect to see the growth to continue as we are returning each year. Some great news; Leo got married to a beautiful young lady name Silvana Vives in December.  We are so excited for them and speak blessings on them.

We are planning for next year; keep us in your prayers as Holy Spirit guides us. We would like to thank you again for all of you support and prayers. As we go, you go, and all we touch, you touch! Thanks again and God bless!